Trail Riding

Come and enjoy wide open scenic trail riding routes just minutes away from Vancouver, BC.

Complimentary riding lesson before every ride. Be on time for your lesson – miss the lesson, miss the ride. Reservations required. Be sure to read our Guidelines before making your reservation.


  • Long pants to prevent chaffing are recommended.
  • All riders must wear appropriate footwear, preferably a boot with low heel. Absolutely no sandals allowed.
  • Helmets are provided for your safety with no additional charge. Riders under 18 must wear a helmet.
  • Children under 10 must wear a safety vest. Vest provided – no charge. Minimum age for trail rides is 6 years old and older.
  • Your horse will be tacked up, so follow the simple advice above to have a memorable ride.
  • The BC climate brings varying weather at all times of the year. Please come prepared with raincoat, gloves, hat, extra sweater.
  • Other essentials could include: bug spray, sun screen and sun glasses depending on the season.
  • Please show up on time. For your safety and the safety of our horses, the weight restriction for adults is 240 lbs.


Complimentary Riding lessons are provided for your safety

It is important to be on time for the lesson. Miss the lesson, miss the ride.

A complimentary horseback riding lesson is required before riders can ride the horses in the trails. Safety is very important to us. It will cover: proper horse saddling, selecting a horse to fit the rider size and experience, and how to control the horse (start, stop, turn). The horse that you learn on is the horse that you will ride on in the trails.

Once the lesson is complete, the cowboy will put the horses in the trailer and drive to the trail. You can follow them to the trail in your car. This way riders will not be riding in highway traffic. Your trail ride starts 5 minutes away from the ranch.

IMPORTANT! All trail riding hours, camps and occasions start at:

Leghorn Ranch – 20254 Old Dewdney Trunk Rd., Pitt Meadows, BC.

Click here for directions.